I am the Owner of International Superyacht International and welcome you to my website. Why I imagine here? It is important to me personally that you know who is behind International Superyacht Services. And my business model is easy to describe in two words: Owner Representation & Yacht Project Management. Why are you here? Probably for the same reason I am looking for you!

And we both have only one goal: Your invest as owner in your luxury yacht will not be a financial pipe crepler and you will have long lasting pleasure in your yacht instead. My main credo is: I do not know any principles, I do not follow any rules that others set up, I do not accept rules that others put up ~ and I question Basically everything and everyone!

Why choose International International Superyacht Services? I am of the opinion that what you do not love, you do not do well. If you can not bring any affinity for something, you will not accomplish any performance despite your intelligence. And you need the absolute will. I have laid my cornerstone with an apprenticeship as a cook & waiter. Straight forward to be a Chef. And no other profession is harder! But only here you will get to know your clients. You need to be a psychiatrist for the owner & his wife, interior & exterior designer, engineer, consultant, finance minister, photographer, filmmaker, sommelier & kitchen chef and innovator in one person. Simply put, you must have the spirit to look beyond the existing world …

My motto is: 4 eyes see more than 2 ~ International Superyacht Services is thus the voice in the background, which keeps the owner far from wrong decisions. And those, the eyes of a cross-walker seeing even more! Because he does not know the operational blindness. And, above all, with two basic questions: What has to be taken into account in the project phase so that the yacht can be sold quickly again in the future? Whether new or longer in the market. How much loss of value do we have to accept?

And I work with the philosophy of absolute trust ~ Trust counts with me more than money! It is the essence of the business man that he earns money and that he often loses money, but he must never lose his trust. And that is the reason to try it with International Superyacht Services.