Concept „Coastrunner“

The Coastrunner concept is positioned in the category of yachts with a maximum length of 30 to 50 metres and stands for modern, KI & machine learning, partial autonomy, energy efficiency, hybrid drive solutions, new material mixes such as Aluminum, Titanium, Kevlar, Carbon-Fiber, special glued woods, generous glass surfaces, innovative production methods and radical cost reduction via semi-customizing. The underwater hull features the SWASH concept from Abeking & Rasmussen or Hydrofoils in order to lift the hull out of the water, especially when sailing fast, or to reduce rolling and pitching in heavy seas. As the name suggests, the concept for „Daily Yachting“ on the coasts and bays in Europe, Asia and the USA is designed for multi-day trips.

4. September 2019 News ,