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Where are the limits in yacht building and what does it have to do with the planet Mars? No joke: The picture you see at the top of this blog post was officially issued by NASA. But what is it all about?

Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos, representing many innovative entrepreneurs – are having a tough match to see who will be the first to Mars. While the two are still arguing, I have already immortalized my name on Mars. In a chip on the Perseverance rover, which is driving around Mars. 70 million kilometers from Earth. Or in light minutes 3 minutes and 2 seconds. With a conventional spaceship one needs theoretically 8 months there – and 8 months back. A damn long time. Since apparently according to the laws of quantum physics information can not be destroyed, my name will probably be immortalized in the cosmos long after my demise – How knows ? So one of 11 million people.

But joking aside: What I want to say with it: Sometimes it just depends on picking up the feeling & the own sensory for radical changes and to cooperate in it. To keep the eyes & ears open for new things. And to push the limits as far as possible. This also applies to the yacht business. I just want to show you that today you have to challenge the impossible. Despite many problems, we live in a time when information has become the most important commodity and everyone with the necessary bite can make their contribution. It has never been easier to launch technological revolutions in yachting as well.

I recently saw a very interesting video about enameling steel boilers – for industrial applications, where it is necessary to deal with acids of various kinds. And its surface finishing. Where the steel is virtually coated with a glass-like layer and heated beyond 1000° degrees. You know this from cookware, by the way. The idea is to seal the underwater hull of steel yachts inside with it – which would be much more effective than antifouling, because the layer forms an atomic bond with the steel at high heat and is caked. Steel rusts much more frequently on the inside than on the outside. Maybe more about that later.

Or the drone technology – drones will be the ultimate musthave for yachting – not only to play with for the charter guest – but as useful helpers above water for the inspection of the yacht, e.g. the mast – or as cleaning robots for the hull under water.

Or did you know that wood can now be made at least as hard as steel? Researchers at the University of Maryland have achieved the impossible. It remains to be seen how far this can be applied to yacht building. But I’ll keep at it.

Time does not stand still. We in the industry must not only rethink radically – we have to think the impossible ! The yacht industry is now making great efforts to ensure that sustainability, for example, is achieved in large steps.


Michael S. Konetschnik, Founder
Owner’s Representative

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