Design Study „Coastrunner“

The inspiration for this design was simply to dare the impossible. A design that goes to the creative limits of what could be possible in modern yacht building. The inspiration was to combine the coupe-like nature of modern sports cars with the style of American street cruisers of the 70s.

In addition a good breeze of science fiction – inspired by „Bladerunner2049. The interesting thing about this design was that in the discussions with my designers I was not interested in whether this design has a sailing function at all, but only in presentation techniques. Crazy as my designer is, he printed a first prototype in 3D, gave it a model motor and let the model do its laps in the pool. The model’s swimming abilities were actually very impressive – although all aspects of naval engineering were only rudimentary. So we will see how far the concept can be taken further for practical applications.

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