enjoy every moment of your ownership

Design & Concept process

Who we are? We are a new way open mind Owner’s representative. Our main task is to be a link between owner and everyone involved in the construction of a luxury yacht. We are in the broadest sense the other eye pairs of the owner. We are Advocatus Dei & Advocatus Diaboli in Personalunion. But we have a strong passion for design, technology and innovation. Not a day goes by without us studying a yacht in form and function. From interesting yachts we printed large format prints and studied the design. And if we come up with something new, we use our naval engineer and say quite simply:“Put this into Solidworks or Siemens NX. Make us a 3D design! To be brought into real shape with the 5-axis milling machine. And asking ourselves: Can we improve this piece of detail ? Can we bring this one piece on a higher level ? How we can transform it for new design ?
And we discuss the complete design with the in-house teams of the shipyards or external designers, e. g. to the extent that we ask:“Can’t we do it differently, is there not a better solution? Can we not change radically ? A more elegant solution? A quicker way ? Is there not a more price sensitiv way ?

We find this role exciting, because from the outside you see things from a completely different point of view. Our studies shows, that 70% of all yachts remain 30% below the possibilities that would be achievable without additional costs. Nobody reaches 100% anyway. But let’s go at least to 95% together.

Our goal is simply clear: To realize a Masterpiece ! A pride, happy Owner, pride, happy Yachtbuilders & Designteams. And of course, that we can be proud of ourselves. Many yachts come and go – but your yacht should still be talked about in 20 years‘ time. A yacht which can be successfully sold in 4 – 7 years for the resale on the market…

Yacht sharing

How often do you use your yacht in the year? Why do not you share purchase and maintenance costs? It makes a big difference even for wealthy owners, whether a 22-million-plus or 5.6-million-plus yacht (plus an annual maintenance cost of 560000 or 2.5 million) is needed for a 46-meter yacht. So why not share a yacht with 4 other like-minded people who have a similar feeling for life?

The advantages: It is always someone on the yacht, everyone pays attention (it is finally his share ownership), the yacht and crew dull not bored in the harbor rum – (nothing is worse than if a yacht is not moved for cost reasons.) We So look for the right co-owner for your yacht! And finally, the times of exclusive ownership are over – sharing has arrived in all areas of life.

Crew placement

The most beautiful super yachts are boring if they are not cared for by are careful staff. But who makes the selection? We! And how do we do that? We only select employees who are already on a very high level, but still have potential for the luxury segment and then send them to Vienna with the owner’s consent for 30 days of special training. There, the cooks and waiters are prepared for their demanding, future tasks by a 3-star restaurant.

But not only that, we continuously train the selected employees with the best in the world! And for that, there is only one city in the world where this is possible: Vienna! Talk to us ~ we will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Partner pooling

We offer the partner companies, which we choose very precisely, a possibility together with us and the Win-Win thoughts to all around satisfied the yacht owner.

These services include all activities that ensure 100% daily operation of the yacht operation. Whether it is the supply of kitchen & waiter, housekeeping, non-food management, maintenance & system management or security.

Evaluation & Consulting

Buying a yacht is no small matter. After all, you invest a not inconsiderable part of your assets. And you can’t have so much money that a yacht can quickly become a burden again. Why do you think so many yachts are thrown back on the market? But no matter whether used or new.

I see it as my obligation to protect my client from possible misinvestments. Is the used yacht a bargain or a soul seller? What are the costs to bring a supposed bargain up to today’s level? Where is the yacht registered? Is there a berth? How much does it cost to keep the yacht up to date? Isn’t it better to have a new one built? I think that 4 eyes see more than 2, and 2 people in context can raise more questions about it than one…